Health & Wellbeing Newsletter – September 2023

Health & Wellbeing Newsletter – September 2023


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R U OK? Day 2023 is Thursday 14 September and is our national day of action when we remind Australians that every day is the day to ask, ‘are you OK?’ and start a meaningful conversation whenever they spot the signs that someone they care about might be struggling with life.

R U OK? is calling on all of us to let the people you care about know you’re here, to really hear them.

By taking the time for an R U OK? conversation and genuinely listening with an open mind, we can all help the people in our world feel supported and connected.

World Heart Day 29th

Could you be at risk of heart disease?

The Heart Age Calculator estimates your heart age based on your inputs and compares to your actual age.

This calculator is intended for people aged 35-75.

Your risk of a heart attack or stroke may be higher if your heart age is greater than your actual age.

USE the QR code to check your heart age.

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