Acute Hospital Care

Acute and 24 Hour Urgent Care

The acute hospital services are provided at the Terang campus in our 14-bed Acute Wing, Theatre and Outpatients. During the day these areas are accessed through the Administration area in the front of the Health Service building facing Austin Avenue.

This information is current as at 1/6/2023.

The Urgent Care department, formally known as Accident & Emergency, is accessed from the car park to the rear of the main car park. Urgent Care services are provided by our local General Practitioners who are available on call. A fee will be charged for these services outside of normal business hours.

Day Surgical Procedures and Diagnostic Procedures

The hospital is well supported by visiting surgeons and anaesthetists who are able to undertake a range of surgical and diagnostic procedures. Referrals to surgeons can be made through your GP.

General Medicine

A broad range of medical cases are catered for by our nursing staff and General Practitioners (GP) from Terang Medical Clinic.

Palliative Care

Palliative care is provided both within the hospital by our acute nursing staff and out in the community by our District Nursing Service. Nursing staff can assist inpatients and home-based clients with the development of aged care directives.

Our qualified nursing staff possess extensive knowledge, skills and expertise in the care of patients, their families, carers and communities, who are living with and dying from a terminal condition.

Quality care at the end of life is realised when strong networks exist between specialist palliative care providers, primary generalist, primary specialist and support care providers and the community – working together to meet the needs of all people. Our nursing staff have well-established networks that can assist and support both the patient and their family/carer.