Health & Wellbeing Newsletter – December 2021

Health & Wellbeing Newsletter – December 2021

December Health and Wellbeing News – New Year’s Resolutions

How to make and keep your New Year’s resolutions 

As the end of the year approaches, people often start thinking about setting goals for the year ahead. But as anyone who has set themselves a New Year’s resolution before will tell you; it can be hard to stay on track. 


Are New Year’s resolutions good for us? 

Although it’s common for people to set themselves one (or even a handful) of goals to achieve at the start of a new year, they can be both a help and a hindrance. For some people setting goals for the year ahead can be very helpful, but it can also be harmful and place extra stress and pressure on an already busy schedule. 

There are a lot of things that we couldn’t do this year, a lot of expectations that we put on ourselves. The last thing we need is more expectations and pressure and potentially judgement if you don’t live up to the goals you set for yourself. 

What sort of resolutions are the best? 

 There are plenty of common resolutions that people like to give themselves every year. Losing weight, overhauling your diet or joining a gym are common health-related goals. But setting smaller goals can leave you feeling more positive and fulfilled, rather than trying to jump over a very high bar straight away. 

What’s really important for New Year’s resolutions is to think about things that are small, realistic and achievable. It’s much better to shoot past your goal and really feel as though you’re doing a great job and you’re going over and above, than to set yourself a tough goal that may feel you leaving disappointed if you don’t quite achieve it. 

One of the best places to start with a New Year’s resolution could be with the things you may have started doing more of through the pandemic e.g. maybe you had more time to cook things from scratch, had time away from phones and social media, more time in nature or daily exercise. Maybe you can hold onto simple things like those. 

Tips for making and following through on New Year’s resolutions 

  • Don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself: With the stress we’ve all had to deal with this year, the last thing we need is more pressure and expectations. 
  • Try not to set the bar too high initially: It’s tempting to think of something big to achieve, but often smaller goals can provide just as much satisfaction. 
  • Be patient with yourself: We all have lots going on in our lives, so don’t get too frustrated if ticking off your goals takes a bit of time. 

This year has thrown up plenty of challenges, but starting 2022 off with a few positive goals in mind can help you spring into the new year in style. 

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